Felix McNamara
(Selected) Writing Archive/Thing

2024_Notes on ‘Outbuilding with deep garden’ (Union Magazine, published by Art Ink) (extended essay)
2024_On Certain Realisms (at Tin Sheds Gallery)
2024_The Quaint (Architectural Theory Review (Taylor & Francis/Routledge) 22 pgs. 
2024_Interview (eek.cool)
2024_Excerpt from ‘Diary from the David Beckham International Airport’ (eek.cool) 
2023_Corporate Realism (Lecture, USyd/UniMelb) 49 mins.
LUCKENWALDE) April 29-July 1, 2023
(English language version)
2023_Letter from Sydney (Issue 466: May 2023, Art Monthly)
(POEM BRUT at One Hundred Years Gallery curated by SJ Fowler)

2023_Atrocities Etc. I (Exhibition Trailer)
2023_Interview (Barbarian Grunge)
2023_Nervous. Solid. Nothing. (exhibition text/poem for Nervous. Solid. Nothing.) 
2022_ Knots in Time: The Ghost Estates of Ireland’s Celtic Tiger (sITA Volume 10, "Ion Mincu" University Press, Bucharest) 10 pgs. 
2022_Space, Art, Architecture
(Architectural Theory Review Volume 26, Issue II, Taylor & Francis/Routledge) 4 pgs.

2022_Any But None
(with Apichatpong Weerasethakul & Tania Cimatti) (Dossier Industries, distributed by Antenne Books) 122 pgs.  

2022_Deep Sea, Other Places
(with Jonathan Kopinski) (Collaborative Texts & Betweenness) 126 pgs.

2022_What Makes an Assembly? Stories, Experiments, and Inquiries (contribution with Studio Miessen) (Sternberg Press)
2022_ Author, Image, Text: Ern Malley and Thomas Pynchon through post- and meta-modernism 10 pgs. 
2022_The Metamodern: Problems and Opportunities of Periodisation 6 pgs. 
2021_Barbara Issue I, Construction
(editor & contributor)
(Barbara) 107 pgs.
2018_(Non-)composition, Haus Wittgenstein (University of Queensland) 37 pgs.
2017 - ongoing_academia dot edu texts (aesthetics, architecture, art, politics, philosophy, language, cultural criticism/history)
2016_(Ulrike Guérot’s) European Republic: Horizontal Assemblies (contribution with Studio Miessen) (Dietz Verlag J.H.W. Nachf)

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